About Happy Trails Distributing, Inc.
Since our establishment in 2001, Happy Trails Distributing, Inc.
has been a trusted source for anything that sands, cuts, or
grinds. Our sales staff is dedicated to helping you find what you
need, when you need it. We pride ourselves on being able to
locate even the most difficult-to-find products, at the most
reasonable cost to our customers.

Our shipping department is among the most reliable in the
industry, so you can rely on Happy Trails Distributing to deliver
the product you need on time.

If you are looking for excellent service, commitment to quality,
and on-time delivery, trust Happy Trails Distributing, Inc. to be
your one-stop, convenient source for the quality abrasive
products your company needs.
"Anything that Sands, Cuts, or Grinds!"
Happy Trails Distributing Inc.